Singer/Songwriter, Pamella Elaine’s expressive style resonates and captivates all within range. Her heart piercing lyrics, melodies and pure vocal tones, culminate her extraordinary gift of storytelling. Delivered through multi-genres from jazz to R&B & Soul music, Pamella answers the call to share the Gospel and inspirational messages fashioned for mass appeal.  

The Chicago native currently resides in Los Angeles continuing her studies in music education and exploring opportunities in Worship Arts and Musical Theater.  

Grateful to GOD for the gifts and calling, Pamella Elaine is a Jesus follower, worshiper and performer who knows, first hand, the healing power of music. Pamella is eager to share, with peers, family, friends and new friends, music to encourage, inspire, motivate and ‘help us wait’. 

Her recently released debut album, A Songbird’s Thank You, is an extraordinary master blend of Gospel, Jazz & Soul music. The album also includes the awe inspiring ‘Pure Joy’ December 2014 digital single release. The timeless and infectious ‘A Songbird’s Thank You’, the first of many ‘Songbird’ works to come.

“I understand this much regarding our gifts from God. Two good things happen as a result of your gifts, those in need are helped, and they overflow with thanksgiving to God!"     2 Corinthians 9:12